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Codecanyon WooCommerce Product Filter free download

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WooCommerce Product Filter 5.4.0

WooCommerce Product Filter is all in one filter for every shop! It’s a must have for any WordPress and WooCommerce Online Store owner. This plugin extends your store by adding advanced filters that both you and your customers will love. Take your business to a higher level with this brilliant plugin. WooCommerce Products Filter fits responsively with every template. Just install the plugin, setup basics in the WooCommerce>Settings>Products Filter and your WooCommerce Product Filter will be ready to use. With WooCommerce Product Filter your customers will find what they are looking for in the fastest and easiest way possible. WooCommerce 2.5+ Ready!

WooCommerce Product Filter Features
  • Filter by any criteria! Price filters, ordering, taxonomy filters, attribute filters, per page, in stock filters, sale filters and search filters are available. AJAX is supported too!
  • Awesome admin User Interface! Setup your filters with ease using the Filter Presets Manager! All the options at your fingertips
  • Full Filter Term Customization! Customize all your terms, use thumbnails, colors, different checkbox layouts, selectbox and more!
  • Range Filters! Available for prices and taxonomies including attributes! Use numerical ranges in your filters
  • Adoptive Filtering! Show only remaining terms within your filters narrowing down the filtering criteria
  • Filter Analytic! Find out what your users are searching for! Adjust your products to customers needs
  • Sidebar and Widget WooCommerce Product Filters! Full support for all themes in sidebar mode!
  • Register and Automatic Updates! Get instant updates via Wordpress in a single click! Just enter your purchase code in the Product Filter Registration
  • Translation Ready and full WPML support!

Unlimited Filters and Filter Layouts!

With this awesome plugin you can filter products by any criteria. With WooCommerce Product Filter search products by Categories, Attributes, Characteristics, Tags, Prices, Stock and Taxonomies. Each filter criteria is configurable, so that you get maximum control over what your customers are filtering and the results they get. Many supported layouts, One Row, Multiple Row, Masonry, Filter Sidebars, Fullscreen Filters. WooCommerce Product filter is Create unlimited filter presets and use them with the Product Filter shortcode or to override your Shop/Product Archives filters. Use this specific filters in product categories, shortcodes or widgets.

Awesome User Interface

WooCommerce Product Filter has unlimited filter settings available in the super friendly drag and drop Product Filter Manager. WooCommerce Product Filter is seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce interface. You won’t believe how much it offers you in terms of flexibility and usability. WooCommerce Product Filter comes with various, very modern style options which you can combine further in order to suit the needs of your particular web based shop. At your disposal are a lot of general styles, check-box styles and appearance options. Customization using CSS is an absolute pleasure so you will be able to achieve wonderful results with very little coding skills and perfectly integrate the WooCommerce Product Filter into your web shop.

Filter and Term Customization

This long awaited feature is finally here. The WooCommerce Product Filter just got a whole lot more awesome! Customize each of your filters by using the Filter Style Customizer. Display your filters as Text, Image, Thumbnail, Thumbnail with Text, Select Box or insert custom HTML. Unlimited layout possibilities are now available. Unlimited styles, colors and thumbnails. With Term Customizer you can customize your term values like filtering by price or setting products by page. Filter by Prices, Stock, Taxonomies, Sale Filters, Custom Taxonomies, Attributes, Tags, Characteristics and more! Choose which terms to show, how they are to be ordered, hierarchy, with multi select ON or OFF and with filtering IN and AND, enable or disable adoptive filtering, select term relations, use images for presenting your variations (like color or size, etc) and many more.

Adoptive Filtering for Best Results

Extremely useful option supported in WooCommerce Product filter is that you can enable Adoptive Filtering. Adoptive means, that if you have active filters, remaining terms within your filters will take notice of that. Choose between hiding the non existing terms or to show them in different styles. Using the Adoptive Filtering cleverly can make your filter suit your site in just seconds. This option places the plugin high above the competition on the market. Get more information on the Adoptive filtering in the WooCommerce Product Filter guide video.

Widget Filters in Sidebars

If you are using Product Filter in web shop sidebar, it’s available, Product Filter Widget is also included. All filtering styles, filters and range filters are supported in the WooCommerce Product Filter Widget too. Product Filter Widget supports loading a filter preset for the widget, AJAX, as well as adding custom actions for redirecting the filter results to specific pages in your shop and all other feature the original filter offers. Product Filter widgets will seamlessly integrate within your sidebar. Control your products directly from the widget areas, add WooCommerce Product Filter Widget to your site!

AJAX Product Filter and AJAX Widget

If you don’t want the filter to reload the page each time a filtering action is performed, you can also use the incredible AJAX load function, so that the filter results are displayed instantaneously, right before your customers eyes. AJAX loading is ultra fast in both shortcode, widget and using the Shop/Product Archives. Everything is at your fingertips. Please note, that AJAX is not supported in all themes. Consult the Documentation on the plugin or the plugin author to confirm that the AJAX will be available for your needs.

Filter Analytics for All Web Shops

See what your visitors are looking for in your Store! Detailed filtering analytics give you complete overview of the terms being filter with the WooCommerce Filter plugin. An invaluable term for any Shop Manager and business! Improve your store experience and earn more money! Find out easily, presented in fine graphics what your customers want the most. Suit your goods and products to your customers lickings.

Range Filters for Prices and Taxonomies

Range filters are now available in the WooCommerce Product Filter. Select price range or attributes or taxonomies ranges to filter products. Customize and use range filters for prices and attributes in four different styles – White, Flat, Modern and HTML5. Further, easy customization is possible and the awesome documentation has a section on this too! Range filters support ordering methods and special, suffixes, prefixes which combined can be used for numerical ranges of all sorts!

Variable Products and In Stock/Out of Stock Filter

Variable Products are fully supported. WooCommerce Product Filter works with your product variations and displays the featured images for current active filters. In Stock and Out of Stock for variable products is also supported! Browse only In Stock products while ignoring the unavailable Out of Stock products. Use these filters with the product variations and their attributs. When filtering certain attributes, such as sizes or colors, variations can be Out of Stock. This WooCommerce Product Filter takes care of that too!

Translation Ready!

No problem if you are running your web shop in various languages! WooCommerce Product Filter is fully translatable and WPML compatible! Check the WPML site to confirm this

iPad and iPhone Support

iPad and iPhone are fully supported. Large or small, desktop or handheld WooCommerce Product Filter is fully compatible! WooCommerce Product Filter improves the product editing experience on a tablet or a phone dramatically.

Register and Get Automatic Updates!

Enter your purchase code to register the WooCommerce Product Filter and get automatic updates with a single click directly from WordPress. Any future update made available by the author is included with every purchase. Upon a new release, get notified directly from your Wordpress Dashboard. Update the plugin from the Dashboard Plugins with the automated Wordpress functions. Always use the latest version for the best compatibility!

Superb Support That Everyone Loves! will provide superb support for its WooCommerce Product Filter plugin. By default regular license provides 6 months of included support, which can be extended to 12 months. You will have availability of the author to answer questions and get you assistance with reported bugs and issues. Thanks!

See WooCommerce Products Filter in action here! Premium WooCommerce Plugins    WooCommerce Product FilterThe best, all in one WooCommerce product filter on the market!     WooCommerce Frontend Shop ManagerLive product editing, directly from your website!     Warranties and Returns for WooCommerceThe awesome affordable alternative! Best value!     Improved Variable Product Attributes for WooCommerceImprove your variable product selection! Add selectors on product archives!     Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce30+ custom sale badges with unlimited settings!     Share, Print and PDF Products for WooCommerceShare your products, print them and download them in PDF format!     Vecty – SVG Product Grids and TimelinesAwesome product grids! Masonry is supported!

WooCommerce Product Filter Updates+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.4.0 - 22. March 2016.- added adoptive dependencies, now your adoptive filtering can depend only on certain taxonomies- added adoptive activation mode- added show/hide empty terms in filters option- added search filter placeholder override- improved search support on shortcodes/themes with search fileds and categories etc.- fixed failing filters in permalinks/failing filters- fixed added full permalinks support for all taxonomies/custom taxonomies- fixed catchable fatal error: argument 1 passed to WC_Prdctfltr::prdctfltr_sort_terms_hierarchicaly()- fixed translations $term->name- fixed deprecated: methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; widget class errors- fixed search filter title override not working- fixed more shortcode issues+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.9- added filtering restrictions, now you can control on which categories the filter will appear from the admin area- added clear all button function selection, should it clears everything or keep the category- fixed AND and IN filters and correlated filters- fixed slow price filter- fixed non existing search queries- fixed some pagination issues- fixed product ordering- fixed filter CSS a bit+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.8- improved adoptive filtering performance and stability- fixed product counts, now total is the published product count- fixed price ranges and shown prices to include variable and sale prices- fixed shortcode filters- fixed ordering bugs and issues with the filter- fixed pagination wrong ordering issues- fixed category display- fixed http_query and shortcode query parameters and their activation- fixed activation inside widget and filter titles+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.7- added range filters now support adoptive queries! your prices in range sliders will be according to your remaining products- added loading icon for non-ajax filters- improved filtering performance- fixed add_wc_shortcode_filter() notice 2023:prdctfltr.php- fixed attribute ranges- fixed shop override fail- fixed range title bar names+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.6- fixed more failing filters+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.5- fixed 5.3.4 failing archives filtering- hopefully this is the last in the recent update series which should be a lot faster and a lot precise! thanks for your support and patience with the recent updates!+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.4- even more fixes mostly shortcodes and default WooCommerce shortcodes+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.3- fixes+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.2- fixed few widget isses- fixed few pagination isses- fixed missing filters and filters not working isses 5.1.0-5.4.0 transition issues- fixed customized terms prices+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.1- fixed 5.3.0 pagination isses- fixed currency switcher issues, now all currency switcher plugins will work perfectly, even the range filters!- fixed categories and clear filters with or without AJAX support- fixed minor bugs+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.3.0- added an awesome documentation with load of examples! please check the all new documentation in your full archive downloaded from!- added support for all currency switcher plugins- fixed support for AJAX filtering and archives- fixed a few minor bugs and issues+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.2.7 - 5.2.8 - 5.2.9- fixed 5.1.0 - 5.3.0 transition issues- fixed mess ups+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.2.6- fixed 5.1.0 - 5.3.0 transition issues- fixed variable images and attributes display- fixed missing active filters on archives without AJAX, sale_products, categories- fixed missing active filters on pagination- fixed widget bugs and issues+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.2.5- fixed 5.1.0 - 5.3.0 transition issues- fixed more transition issues- fixed ajax and multi taxonomy, attributes filters- fixed category loop appearance+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.2.4- fixed 5.1.0 - 5.3.0 transition issues- fixed attributes and taxonomies filtering- fixed for permalinks detect for categories and taxonomies- fixed small reported bugs+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.2.3- fixed 5.1.0 - 5.3.0 transition issues- fixed for attribute/taxonomy filters- fixed for slow performance- fixed failing filter term checkbox+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.2.2- fixed 5.1.0 - 5.3.0 transition issues- from now on we have the automatic updates!! when the new product filter is released you can update it hassle free directly from your Wordpress!+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.2.1- fixed 5.1.0 - 5.3.0 transition issues- fixed tags/characteristics archives- fixed ajax shortcode and widget filter 5.2.0 issue- fixed pagination on non ajax shortcodes- fixed few bugs+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.2.0- added search filter- added image-text filter customization style- added ordering by number on non advanced filters- added taxonomies and custom taxonomies to range filters (not only attributes as in previous versions)- added better support for limit terms option- added columns fallback CSS support for themes without one- improved plugin performance and filtering speed- improved admin area a bit- fixed z-index issues with the select box types- fixed adoptive filter active terms reorder- fixed ajax queries and shortcode attributes in HTML code- fixed active filters titles- fixed search filter terms fields bugs and issues- fixed all characteristics issues in the admin area- fixed queries, search queries- fixed taxonomy queries- fixed ordering for supported filters- fixed sidebar with overlay bugs- fixed range filter order by parameter issues- fixed mobile filter click- fixed padding and filter basic style+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.1.0- added show count mode option- added filter form custom action option- improved documentation, added most used themes installation instructions (including Avada, Flatsome, Enfold, Atelier, Shopkeeper, BeTheme, Divi, Legenda, Listify, Salient), added multiple advanced filters of the same taxonomy filtering instructions and use- fixed price filters and sale filter issues- fixed masonry filters broken layout on init- fixed saving product filter presets- fixed loading product filter presets- fixed product filter redirect errors- fixed search terms and adoptive filtering- fixed general query, should provide better support for pagination and themes- fixed mysql query errors- fixed bugs with category links on non-ajax archives- fixed more noted and reported bugs+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.0.1- fixed WPML long notice- fixed missing Product Filter on prdctfltr_output action+ WooCommerce Product Filter 5.0.0- added Filter Analytics! Analyze what your customers are searching for in the brand new Product Filter Analytics!- added full product category loop support- added Style Customization Manager for all filters + Full WPML support for style customization with language switcher- added 4 customization styles, text mode with background, border and round styles, thumbnail mode, color mode, select box and custom HTML mode- added Term Customization Manager for price filters and products per page filters + Full WPML support for term customization with language switcher- added Shop page filter override- improved plugin performance- improved admin user interface- improved filter manager- improved filtering queries- improved price filtering- improved and fixed loading and saving presets- fixed WPML translations being cached and not displayed properly- fixed hierarchy filter issues, selected term etc.- fixed adoptive bugs- fixed admin translations- fixed code in general+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.1.2- fixed widget mobile/handheld issues- fixed characteristics activation issues- fixed deleted taxonomies in settings bugs- fixed term counts for hierarchy taxonomies- fixed strict standards issues with shortcode functions+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.1.1- added range filter custom settings- fixed multiselect on advanced filters- fixed characteristics adoptive- fixed archives adoptive- fixed AJAX archive query- fixed international characters term include not saving- various fixes+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.1.0- added advanced filter hierarchy support- added advanced filter hierarchy mode- added advanced filter hierarchy filtering mode- added advanced filter attribute taxonomies style- added advanced filter term limit- improved advanced filter UI- improved range filter UI- various fixes+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.0.6- added new filter manager UI- added override templates settings- added custom action installation- added override pagination class for better support with themes- improved manual filter installation- improved filter manager UI- fixed advanced and range filter saving issues- fixed duplicate AJAX pagination issues- fixed selected hierarchy terms, active categories- fixed no-products-found.php redirect loop bug+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.0.5- fixed WPML issues, WPML is now officially supported fixed AJAX and WPML issues- fixed wpml-config.xml bugs- fixed missing filters- fixed 4.0.4 tags include bugs- fixed multiple advanced filters of the same taxonomy issues- fixed deselecting issues on multiple same taxonomy filters- fixed 'no products found' bugs associated with the filter and widget- fixed AJAX pagination bugs- improved 'no products found' default actions- improved plugin performance!+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.0.4- fixed WPML terms include bugs- fixed select box styles bugs with filter terms options- fixed force categories and subcategories bugs- fixed 'Filter terms' translation issues+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.0.3- fixed AJAX widget adoptive filtering not working- fixed shortcode pagination issues- fixed duplicate taxonomies selected terms- fixed adoptive filtering terms visibility- improved AJAX widget functions+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.0.2- fixed 4.0.0 release issues ( characteristics bug, path bugs, coding bugs )+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.0.1- fixed 4.0.0 release issues+ WooCommerce Product Filter 4.0.0- complete rework of the Product Filter code, now the whole plugin is in a class, faster, more optimized- added AJAX is now supported on shop and product archive pages!- added multiple AJAX shortcodes per page support added- added new style modes! sidebar left, sidebar right, sidebar with overlay left, sidebar with overlay right and fullscreen filter mode!- added filter buttons setting position (before or after the filters)- added filter terms search fields- added tooltips for thumbnails only display- added hierarchy style- added system checkbox style- added change Filter selected button text easily- added filter AJAX loading icons- added options to disable Product Filter redirects- added full support for international characters (e.g. žšáéü)- added WPML has announced official support for WooCommerce Product Filter from the version 4.0.0- added WooCommerce Product Filter action for easy customziation (prdctfltr_filter_before, prdctfltr_filter_after, prdctfltr_filter_form_before, prdctfltr_filter_form_after)- improved filter queries, optimization, now the filter is faster than ever!- fixed bugs associated with the admin screen, AJAX admin functions from other plugins and such issues- fixed term ordering issues in AJAX mode- fixed double taxonomy and term issues- fixed instant filtering not firing in the previous versions- fixed extreme cases when filters are not appearing in Masonry mode- fixed ..and a lot more!+ WooCommerce Product Filter 3.2.0- added option to expand parent categories on load- added force post_type=product filtering parameter- fixed preset settings bugs in recent versions- fixed range filter names and slugs- fixed posts_per_page notices- fixed search queries with the post_type=product parameter+ WooCommerce Product Filter 3.1.2- fixed redirecting fixes on multiple selected categorories !IMPORTANT- fixed notices on multi select presets overrides- fixed missing showing results on idle+ WooCommerce Product Filter 3.1.1- fixed filtering redirects !IMPORTANT- fixed notices on missing preset settings- fixed custom widget action not working+ WooCommerce Product Filter 3.1.0- added custom Product Filter Widget action- added Disable Show Results Title option now disables the searched terms in widget titles and even without the top bar too- fixed shortcode queries and AJAX- fixed min_price, max_price shortcode bugs with the 3.0.0 filter- fixed hide none settings not working for the attributes- fixed default titles not showing with the attributes- fixed MySQL query error on empty adoptive filtering arrays- depricated Disable CSS as it didn't work anyway, this feature will be addressed in the future+ WooCommerce Product Filter 3.0.0- complete WooCommerce Product Filter rework. Optimized, fast and reliable product filtering- added full WPML support- added full support for shop and categories display types, depending on the display type now you can set the filter visibility- added full permalinks support and redirects, pretty permalinks, category base support, default permalinks- added term ordering, by slug, by name, by ID, by number, menu order for all filters- added term order ASC, DESC- added multi term selection relations, AND and IN- added products per page filter- added show in stock products by default- added hide none for each filter- added attribute hierarchy support- added better hierarchy support- added categories hierarchy mode- added term checkbox styles, round, square and checkbox- added full video guide- improved filter overrides they now work with child/parent categories- improved price filter, now works a lot better- improved variable images support- improved in stock products support- improved documentation- fixed active filters not being saved on some installations- fixed adoptive filtering not working and in_array bugs for the custom taxonomies- fixed titles for the selected terms- fixed widget selected terms- fixed filter overrides- fixed reset button not working on Product Filter widget- fixed small range issues in the filter manager- fixed price and sale filters- fixed failed overrides- fixed translation load_textdomain issues+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.3.0- WooCommerce 2.3 READY!- added Flatsome installation guide- improved filter overrides manager bulk actions- improved filter overrides manager- improved filter presets manager- improved attribute filtering- fixed IE 11 thumbnails filters fail- fixed IE 8 filters fail- fixed presets can't be saved bugs- fixed attribute filtering bugs- fixed filter thru categories filtering bugs- fixed AJAX widget filtering bugs- fixed AJAX widget opened selected hierarchy terms on filtering- fixed ordering issues for range filters- fixed range filters not filtering in widget mode- fixed LIMIT 10000 bug- fixed ordering issues after 2.2.0+ update- fixed adoptive issues after 2.2.0+ update- fixed /woocommerce/compatibility/2.2/ issues after 2.3 WooCommerce release+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.2.2- improved french translation, now 100% translated- improved spanish translation, now 100% translated- fixed adoptive filtering on custom taxonomies and terms- fixed adoptive filters showing when there are no results found- fixed failed preset options on no products found template+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.2.1- added hide show results in the filter title- fixed select box hierarchy close bug- fixed range order bug- fixed no products found bug- fixed AJAX pagination not working after filter query- fixed show results translations+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.2.0- added range filters! slider ranges are now available for prices and attributes!- added 4 range filter styles! HTML5, white, modern and flat- added range grids- added term products count- added adoptive filtering term products count- added shortcode 'sale_products' parameter- added order by filter terms include- added more order by filter terms- added adoptive term style, hide, disabled but clickable, disabled and unclickable- added 3-rd level hierarchy for categories- added french translation- improved filtering in general- improved main filter query- improved adoptive filter query- improved in stock filter! now works with 'Any' attribute!- improved sale filter- improved active filters title position in widget and select box modes- improved save/load presets manager- fixed widget support for single product pages- fixed pagination issues- fixed AJAX pagination issues- fixed filter thru categories pagination issues- fixed clear filter not firing on non instant filters- fixed widget filter opened on active- fixed showing products count and range- fixed missing icons in Chrome 40- deprecated price adoptive filtering+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.1.0- added variable products in stock filters!- added filter modes- added masonry, multi row and one row modes- added in stock/out of stock filter- added disable on shop page option- added filter thru categories for faulty themes- added filter reset button- improved new and better responsive system- improved better variable product images support- improved consistency of the admin settings- improved documentation and manual installation instructions (theme specific installations have been added (Enfold, Avada), you can also request new specific theme installations)- fixed advanced filter custom taxonomies not filtering- fixed disabled adoptive filtering for active filters- fixed price and price ranges- fixed select box mode filter appearance and functionality (on-click, off-click actions)- fixed ajax widget title- fixed ajax widget searches- fixed ajax variable images- fixed ajax shortcode parameters missing when filtered (now this is all done automatically)- fixed iPad select box widget mode- fixed arrow style absolute filter, now works with all the modes, multi row, one row and even masonry!+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.0.3- added filter title override- fixed double // in the filter titlte- fixed double titles for advanced filters and characteristcs- fixed viewing taxonomies without taxonomies filters. this caused major issues on filtering within taxonomies when there's no current taxonomy filter included- fixed web font- fixed overrides+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.0.2- fixed AJAX widget filter- fixed failing price filters on some rare installations- fixed 'No products found string' in the top bar when no products override is active- fixed more issues regarding the 2.0.0 release+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.0.1- issues regarding the 2.0.0 release- fixed filter not opening- fixed missing attribute styles- fixed missing attributes+ WooCommerce Product Filter 2.0.0- added AJAX shortcode- added in stock filter- added custom taxonomies- added filter presets manager. now you can use unlimited filter presets with save, load & delete preset- added filter reorder- added product filter overrides for product archive pages- added custom labels- fixed adoptive filtering, now it's done properly, optimized and speed up about 99%, no more memory exhausted issues- fixed all issues regarding deselecting filter terms- fixed iphone, ipad issues with the select mode- fixed all issues regarding permalinks- fixed min_price & max_price fail- fixed select box not opening in rare templates- fixed category hierarchy parent select- fixed sale posts_join and where clauses- fixed custom action shortcode issues+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.5.0- added multi select settings for categories, tags, characteristics and attributes- added category hierarchy- added action parameter for the shortcode (now you can use only filter on one page and display results on another)- added http_query parameter for the shortcode (now you can basically create any WP query for your products)- added Spanish language .po file- fixed responsive issues caused by custom scroller- fixed categories, tags, attributes archive pages filter issues and filter support- fixed translation and translation issues- fixed form actions- optimized filters+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.4.1- fixed archive sale filter- fixed dismiss attribute filter #2- fixed adoptive filters tags, categories, characteristics- fixed attributes and adoptive filters issues- fixed errors with adoptive filters- fixed z-index filter issues- fixed widget queries- optimized adoptive filters+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.4.0- added adoptive filtering (display only available categories, tags, attributes based on the current filter search)- added filter select box preset- added widget min-height feature- added widget select box preset- added change icon option- added disable bar option- added disable sale option- added shortcode parameters (min_price,max_price,product_cat,product_tag,product_characteristics,product_attribute)- fixed filter duplicates- fixed categories, tags, attributes archives. now filter knows what is selected and acts accordingly- fixed widget filter and orderby filter duplicates- fixed filter CSS- fixed runkit and thumbnails override error on activation (now you need to check the option to override variable images)- fixed more stuff under the hood- fixed large thumbnails on attributes- fixed dismiss attribute filter- fixed z-index issues- depricated filter border preset (use Arrow instead and customize it with the custom CSS option in your theme)+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.3.0- added instant filtering- added filter always open- added thumbnails for attributes- added thumbnail mode- added thumbnail and title mode- added one row mode with scrollbars (max height feature)- added column controls (when used with max height only one row will be shown, if not columns will fill the next row once the current is full)- added select terms to include for categories, tags, attributes- added javascript custom scroll bar (option to use the default scrollbars is also included)- added shortcode query options- changed the price filter, added new options- fixed reduced all queries to a single one- fixed filtering queries, now filters are working perfect- fixed number of products found- fixed show WooCommerce price format- fixed filter on search query+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.4- fixed `runkit_function_rename` bug- fixed widget form action (single products issues and similar)+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.3- fixed `woocommerce_get_product_thumbnail` bug- added shortcode min_price, max_price parameters+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.2- fixed shortcode product count- added disable product filter template+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.1- fixed price and sale filter- fixed number of products found- added widget presets+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.2.0- added Product Filter Widget version- added Product Filter shortcode for only displaying filter [prdctfltr_sc_get_filter]- added filter for variable product images / now variations show their own images- added filter responsive display- fixed sale filter for variable products+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.1.0- added Product Filter shortcode for displaying products with filter on pages [prdctfltr_sc_products $args]- added action for displaying Product Filter on custom templates- added showing "You might like products" on searches without any finds- fixed CSS for layout attributes- fixed queries- fixed number of products found- fixed filter not working on shop pages that are set as frontpage+ WooCommerce Product Filter 1.0.1- added WooCommerce product attributes support- fixed template override when current theme override is active

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THEME: Codecanyon Category Filter in Admin Product Grid Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | Plugins
Tags: Admin | eCommerce | Magento | Codecanyon | Plugins | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Category | Filter | Admin | Product | Grid
Archives: 2016 | August 2016 | 24.August 2016

This extension enhances our Products Grid in Magento and adds a Category Filter in the admin. Category filter extension allows you to filter ...Grid and allows users to search products of a particular Category.Please leave your feedback to help other buyers purchase this product
Free download Codecanyon WooCommerce Filter Plus : Unlimited Product Filter

THEME: Codecanyon WooCommerce Filter Plus : Unlimited Product Filter Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: Ajax | Filter | product filter | WooCommerce | WordPress | Codecanyon | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | WooCommerce | Filter | Plus | Unlimited | Product
Archives: 2017 | January 2017 | 05.January 2017

WooCommerce Filter Plus is a WordPress plugin which give WooCommerce users tools and options to filter products as they need. It is easy to install and works with minimal settings.

Free download Codecanyon Unlimited Product Tabs - Add unlimited product tabs for your Front-Office Product page.

THEME: Codecanyon Unlimited Product Tabs - Add unlimited product tabs for your Front-Office Product page. Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | Plugins
Tags: extra product information | prestashop multiple tabs | prestashop product tabs | product page | unlimited tabs | Codecanyon | Plugins | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Unlimited | Product | Tabs | Unlimited | Product | Tabs | Your | frontoffice | Page
Archives: 2017 | January 2017 | 17.January 2017

Unlimited Product Tabs Features:Add unlimited product tabs to one or all Products at once Edit existing... metafizzyIcons by font awesomeDocumentation tool, Documenter v.2.0 by revaxarts Presentation tool, Envatitor v1.5 by revaxarts
Free download Codecanyon WooCommerce Product Filter - Ajax Layered Navigation

THEME: Codecanyon WooCommerce Product Filter - Ajax Layered Navigation Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: Ajax | ajax layered navigation | Filter | Layered | Navigation | Product | WooCommerce | Woocommerce Ajax product filters | woocommerce product filters | WordPress | Codecanyon | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | WooCommerce | Product | Filter | Ajax | Layered | Navigation
Archives: 2017 | August 2017 | 15.August 2017

WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter and Layered Navigation Plugin by extendons allows your customers to filter your products catalog by product categories, attributes, price, color etc.
Free download Codecanyon Filter for VirtueMart - Ultimate Joomla Filter Module

THEME: Codecanyon Filter for VirtueMart - Ultimate Joomla Filter Module Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | Plugins
Tags: eCommerce | ecommerce filter | Filter | filter joomla | filter module | filter pro module | responsive filter module | virtuemart 3 | virtuemart filter | Codecanyon | Plugins | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Filter | Virtuemart | Ultimate | Joomla | Module
Archives: 2017 | September 2017 | 19.September 2017

SJ Filter for Virtuemart – A high-performance module for VM component. The module displays some criteria for users choosing, it will filter a...ze, color, weave, cap size and etcSupport caching to make your website load fasterSupport SEO, pre- and post- text with each instance
Free download Codecanyon WooCommerce Product Addons –  Custom Product Options Plugin

THEME: Codecanyon WooCommerce Product Addons – Custom Product Options Plugin Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: add-ons | Custom | custom options | Options | Plugin | Product | WooCommerce | WooCommerce product add on | woocommerce product add-ons | woocommerce product addon | woocommerce product options | Codecanyon | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | WooCommerce | Product | Addons | Custom | Options | Plugin
Archives: 2017 | October 2017 | 20.October 2017

WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin simplifies product customization for the end users. You can add unlimited custom product options from a va...s are displayed in the customer account as wellProduct options and replies are shown on cart, checkout, and order confirmation email
Free download Codecanyon Wooslide Product Slider WordPress Plugin Woocommerce responsive Product Gallery Slider

THEME: Codecanyon Wooslide Product Slider WordPress Plugin Woocommerce responsive Product Gallery Slider Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: onlineshop | onlineshop carousel | product carousel | product slider | responsive carousel | responsive product carousel | responsive slider | shop carousel | woocommerce slider | Codecanyon | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Template | Wooslide | Product | Slider | Plugin | WooCommerce | Responsive | Gallery
Archives: 2017 | December 2017 | 30.December 2017

This plugin was specially developed for Woocommerce and its products. All products with content are automatically detected and can be easily ...carousel in less than two minutes.And the best part, you can use this plugin without reseller license in your sales themes.
Free download Codecanyon Admin Category Filter for Product Grid Magento 2

THEME: Codecanyon Admin Category Filter for Product Grid Magento 2 Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | Plugins
Tags: Add category column in product grid Magento 2 | Admin category filter for product grid Magento 2 | Admin Product Grid | category filter | magento 2 | magento 2 extension | Product grid category filter | products filter in Magento 2 | Codecanyon | Plugins | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Template | Admin | Category | Filter | Product | Grid | Magento
Archives: 2018 | April 2018 | 01.April 2018

Extension Overview:Magento 2 Admin Category Filter for Product Grid Extension allows add category column in product grid to expand m...nfotech@gmail.comSupport Link: supportProduct Tabs Screen Shot:Version:Version 1.0.0 – init
Free download Codecanyon Clever Layered Navigation - WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

THEME: Codecanyon Clever Layered Navigation - WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | WordPress
Tags: Ajax | ajax filer | ajax products filter | eCommerce | ecommerce filter | Filter | Filters | Products | products filter | products widget | WooCommerce | woocommerce filter | woocommerce products filter | Codecanyon | WordPress | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Template | Clever | Layered | Navigation | WooCommerce | Ajax | Product | Filter
Archives: 2018 | April 2018 | 10.April 2018

CleverLayeredNavigation is WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter which adds advanced product filtering to your WooCommerce shop. Our ...need.Sidebar and Widget WooCommerce Product Filters – Full support for all themes in sidebar mode.Vertical and Horizontal Navigation;
Free download Codecanyon Admin Product Grid Category Filter extension for Magento

THEME: Codecanyon Admin Product Grid Category Filter extension for Magento Free Download

Category: Codecanyon | Plugins
Tags: category filter in admin product grid | Category Filter in magento | eCommerce Website | Filter in magento | magento add ons | magento commerce | magento connect | magento eCommerce | magento integration | magento marketplace | magento modules | magento plugins | plugin magento | Premium Magento Extensions | search extensions | Codecanyon | Plugins | nulled | free download | theme | script | rip | Template | Admin | Product | Grid | Category | Filter | Extension | Magento
Archives: 2018 | July 2018 | 27.July 2018

 Magento Extension for Category Filter in Admin Product Grid allows store owners to enhance the product grid in store and add category filter...his is extremely helpful feature, especially when the products belong to multiple categories and when there is a huge inventory in the store.

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